Home Measurement Services

When selling a home, it is vital to have an accurate square footage to advertise to potential buyers. Unfortunately, the Gross Living Area (GLA) of homes are often recorded inaccurately in county records or online sources. Realtors or homeowners, then, have two basic options: 1) report the GLA stated in county records, or 2) hire a Certified Appraiser to measure the home and come up with a different GLA.

If you are selling a home and believe that the GLA recorded in county records is wrong, it is in your best interest to hire an appraiser for home measurement services.

Many buyers shop for homes based on square footage, and realtors often focus on calculating price per square foot for their clients. The last thing any seller wants is for their home to have a much higher price per square foot than other homes on the market. Furthermore, since realtors can pull data on comparable homes that have sold in the area recently, a high price per square foot figure can continue hurting a home’s sales chances even if there are no comparable homes currently on the market.

An inaccurate GLA can throw off a home’s price per square foot. If a home is significantly larger than what is recorded in the public record, that discrepancy can put sellers and realtors in a challenging position. Do you price the house as you would for what you believe the GLA to be? Or do you consider how the price per square foot will look, given the public record GLA? Comprehensive home measurement services from a Certified Appraiser will help you settle the dilemma by making sure all public records reflect a home’s correct GLA.

Staying competitive in a lively real estate market is just one reason to invest in home measurement services before listing a property. While these numbers are undoubtedly important for marketing purposes, they are also vital for the simple ethics of the real estate industry. Realtors, especially, are ethically bound to market homes in an honest fashion. Advertising an inaccurate GLA—or one that has not been verified by an appraisal—is a risky move. No realtor wants to be liable for GLA figures that don’t line up with public records or databases.

Ultimately, it is usually just a good precautionary measure to have a home measured before it goes on the market. If the GLA listed in county records does happen to be accurate, sellers and realtors can at least take solace in knowing that they are working with the most reliable information. If the GLA listed in county records is wrong, sellers and realtors can use a home measurement services appraisal to get the number updated. Going forward, having the accurate figure will be helpful for pricing, marketing, and timely sale of the property.

Do note that a home measurement services appraisal merely offers a measurement of a home’s interior living space. This type of appraisal is unique in that there is no value opinion involved. For more information please Contact Us, if you are ready to get started please complete our Order an Appraisal form and we will be in touch with you a free Home Measurement quote.

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