New “About Us” Page

Meet Our Team! Our new About Us web page was designed to give clients access to contact information for all of our staff appraisers.   We have also included short bio's and photographs so that...

Whats ahead this spring, supply is “in balance”

Supply in St. Louis County has continually declined and remained relatively stable throughout 2013 with both a median and mode of four months of inventory.  Four months is generally recognized as a "stable" supply level,...

Sales Price & Volume Increase in 2013

There is no doubt 2013 was a great year for real estate in the St. Louis Market.  We saw increases in both the number of sales and the median sales price while experiencing a decline...

St. Louis County Median Housing Trends

This graph represents the reported median home sales price for St. Louis County for 2009 through 2013 to date. To date we are showing an increase in median value of approximately 13% over last year!

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